Selected publications

Peer-reviewed publications

Network connecting six circles at the bottom to two squares at the top

Chico Q. Camargo. New methods for the steady-state analysis of complex agent-based models. Frontiers in Physics 8 (2020): 103.

Graph comparing the probability and the complexity of many patterns

Kamaludin Dingle, Chico Q. Camargo, Ard A. Louis. Input-output maps are strongly biased towards simple outputs. Nature Communications, 9.1 (2018): 761.

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Under review

Chico Q. Camargo, Scott A. Hale, Peter John, Helen Z. Margetts. Measuring the volatility of the political agenda in public opinion and news media. Accepted at Public Opinion Quarterly.

Felix M. Simon and Chico Q. Camargo. Are We Really Living in an Infodemic? Deconstructing a Buzzword. Under review at HKS Misinformation Review.

Public writing

Chico Q. Camargo. YouTube’s algorithms might radicalise people – but the real problem is we’ve no idea how they work, The Conversation, 2020.