July 2021: Our paper on the "infodemic" metaphor is out on New Media & Society!

July 2021: The Mozilla YouTube Regrets Reporter is out, with a little help from the CC Lab!

July 2021: We've started a new research project on measuring change in the meaning of political terms over time, funded by Exeter's Institute for Data Science and AI. Stay tuned!

June 2021: Izzy Sebire joins the lab to work the computational analysis of genre. Welcome Izzy!

June 2021: Kacper Łodziński joins the lab to work on natural language processing and news media. Welcome Kacper!

May 2021: Tom Bush joins the lab to work on time series analysis of news articles. Welcome!

May 2021: Jiayi Xu joins the lab to work on computational genre classification. Welcome!

May 2021: Dharmender Tathgur joins the lab to work on NLP and political speeches. Welcome!

February 2021: Ben Dennes and Jagjot Singh join the lab to work on networked narratives and framing detection. Welcome both!

February 2021: Wu Yudong joins the lab as a MSc student to study the construction of scientific knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Welcome!

February 2021: Jaison John joins the lab as a MSc student. He will be working on document summarisation, being co-supervised by Alex Pavlides from Adarga AI. Welcome Jaison!

January 2021: Chico joins the University of Exeter and the CC Lab is born!